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Aliani Project complies with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and it is extremely concerned with maintaining the operational modalities necessary to ensure a suitable working environment to all its employees and with distributing personal protection devices against accidents which are necessary for drivers and workers to carry on the various activities.

After receiving the European rules and regulations on health and safety at work, through the Order Law N. 626/94, and in order to guarantee the security of its own workers, Aliani arranged accordingly its internal organization in order to obey all the requirements and appointed a person in charge with the task of managing all the safety matters and problems, and in particular in order to:

  • Draw and verify the Company documents about safety matters;
  • Assess all the risks related to the various activities;
  • Manage the compliances according to the Law.

Aiming to better preserve its workers’ personal integrity, Aliani developed a “Safety Plan of the Company for activities of loading and offloading of the vehicles and movement of the goods by the drivers”. Such document, also called SAFETY PLAN, describes the regulations on prevention and health to be fulfilled during the various activities, and especially it includes:

  • References to the Law on Health and Safety at work;
  • General information about drivers’ safety;
  • Specific risks related to loading and offloading activities and goods movement;
  • Safety measures to be taken while carrying out the above mentioned activities.
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